ZNet Pledges to Host Exclusive April Conference

Web hosting provider ZNet announced that it would host a conference at the beginning of April for its partners and customers. It has been dubbed ZNet Partners’ Summit ’13.

ZNet described the summit as an attempt to reinvent the concept of web hosting partnerships. It says it wants to strengthen relationships and forge bonds between partners. They claim it is important because it allows partners to collaborate with their unique skills. These working relationships would enable more lucrative business opportunities for everyone involved.

Mr. Munesh Jadoun, the CEO for ZNet, said collaboration is a two-way process, so it only makes sense to host a conference to help promote these ties.

Miss Ruchita Gupta, the Vice President of ZNet, commented on the company’s commitments, “We’re committed to our partners’ success and at ZNet Partners’ Summit 13, we’ve developed an agenda that will help us gain knowledge of the untapped extraordinary growth opportunities we have in store for each other. Together, we can seize them and complement each other to give additional value to our respective customers while also growing our revenues.”

ZNet has only made a partial announcement on the keynote speakers and the conference’s agenda. Whilst many of the names remained unannounced, ZNet mentioned that its employees would conduct the majority of sessions. It also stressed the importance of offering a fun and interactive experience, which remains relevant on a personal level.

Mr. Jadoun added, “This is the first of the many partner summits to be held throughout the year in major cities of India. We wish to reach out to every single customer we have.”

This move is a lesson to other web hosting companies around the world. It highlights what they will have to contend with, when attempting to expand onto the Indian subcontinent, as well as throughout the rest of Asia.

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