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Shopify Reports Depend on Your Plan

When Shopify was first introduced, it offered only basic reporting function. As such, reports in the platform were included with every Shopify plan. Things have changed, though. Reporting has improved to the extent that Shopify’s reports rival the best in the industry. Along with increased reporting capabilities is the reality that the reports any given […]

Flat vs. Deep Architecture in Shopify

Did you know that how your website is designed from the user’s perspective affects both SEO performance and conversion rates? The simplest way to understand this truth is to consider how much effort your customers have to go through to make a purchase. The more difficult you make it, the less likely customers will actually […]

Think About Adding Reviews to Your Shopify Site

Your choice to use Shopify is evidence that you are interested in doing things the right way. Hopefully, you are challenging yourself to continue doing everything you can to promote your business, your reputation, and your profitability. We have a suggestion for doing just that in 2017: adding reviews to your website. When we say […]