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The Importance of Choosing a Local Web Hosting Service

A lot goes into running a successful website—from the overall design and layout of the site to properly using marketing and SEO to ensure your message reaches its target audience. Although it may seem like a minor detail, the location of your host server can also play a huge role in determining whether your site […]

GreenGeeks Europe Shared Hosting

Web hosting customers in the USA and Canada have been fortunate enough to be able to work with GreenGeeks for web hosting with a focus on being green. Well, Europe now has that same opportunity thanks to a brand-new GreenGeeks data centre just opened in Amsterdam. A GreenGeeks press release dated 9 January provided details […]

What is link building?

Each year, the focus of Search Engine Optimization shifts from one seemingly trivial factor to another. The reality is that the web has always been about making information free and easy to access from a variety of angles. Links are the key to keeping that vision alive. As such, links are crucial if you want […]

FreshBooks Review

Are you trying to get your business finances in order? We’ll look at one online accounting service, FreshBooks, that might just be the cure to your problems. Indeed, for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to manage their accounting and to track invoices, it can be difficult to pick the right tech solution. Forgetting to send […]