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Moving from Medium to WordPress: A Smart Move?

The Medium publishing platform has proved valuable to casual and professional bloggers alike since the company was founded. Medium is a platform designed for bloggers who need and want simplicity. But interestingly enough, a number of high profile customers have left Medium over the years. They all cite different reasons that may or may not […]

Full-Service Web Hosting

Succeeding in modern business requires being actively online. The problem for so many business owners is that they are not web development gurus. Most do not own computer servers, nor do they know how to build and maintain websites. Forget about things like SSL and SEO. So, what’s the solution? Full-service web hosting. Cookie-Cutter Hosting […]

How to Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster

Page load speed is more important than ever before now that Google is using it as a ranking factor. If you are running a WordPress site, know that speed may be your enemy. Your page might be loading more slowly than it needs to without you having done anything in particular to cause it. Below […]

7 Payment Services You Can Integrate into Your Site

Adding online payment capability to your website is one of many ways to monetize your web presence. With the help of an online payment service willing to process payments from your customers, you can sell your products or services online with ease. You can also accept donations. To make it work, you need to have […]

How to Use Freshbooks Invoice Templates

Freshbooks offers its customers an array of free invoice templates to make small business invoicing as easy as possible. Templates are offered in a variety of formats including Microsoft Word and Excel. Once downloaded, they can be opened and customized in mere minutes. Freshbooks invoice templates represent one of the easiest ways to get up […]

Smart Podcast Player Review

Are you a website owner looking to start a podcast and add it to your WordPress site? Do you already produce podcasts but host them on an external service? If you answered ‘yes’ to either question, look no further than the Smart Podcast Player for an elegant solution. Smart Podcast Player eliminates the need to […]