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WordPress 4.9: Five Improvements for the Casual User

WordPress users, as you should already know, there‚Äôs nothing more important than to keep WordPress updated. More importantly, developers have included dozens of improvements that make WordPress better than ever before. Version 4.9, named after the late Billy Tipton, definitely deserves a look by anyone looking for a good CMS. There are far too many […]

WordPress Blogging Tools You Might Not Know About

You are one of those website owners that uses WordPress for its originally intended purpose: blogging. What you might not know is that there are built-in tools designed specifically for you. If you know how to use them, you’ll find the writing experience more pleasant, more productive, and more effective in reaching your audience. In […]

3 Secrets of WordPress Few People Know

Most WordPress users consider themselves pretty proficient. Indeed, many are. But anything even remotely related to computers and networking is rife with hidden secrets that are kept from the general public for a variety of reasons. There are even those secrets buried deep in the heart of WordPress that only its developers are aware of. […]