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A Brief Tutorial on the Shopify Buy Button

Shopify retailers are known for establishing their own e-commerce sites. These sites act as a main sales channel. However, a Shopify e-commerce site does not have to be the only site through which retailers sell. Retailers can use other sites simply by taking advantage of Shopify’s ‘Buy Button’. The Buy Button is really just a […]

4 Reasons to Get to Know the Shopify Community

E-commerce solutions and content management systems would not work well if they didn’t offer robust support. Let’s face it; the platforms are developed to put complicated internet tools into the hands of people who are not trained professionals. Without strong support, they would not be able to use the platforms to their advantage. Thankfully, Shopify […]

Understanding Categories in WordPress

WordPress users know that every time they create a new post, the CMS wants to assign it to a category. WordPress comes with a default category out-of-the-box, with the understanding that users will add more categories as they go. Categories play a major role in organizing a WordPress site for user navigation, generating sitemaps, and […]

2 Suggestions for Improving Product Images

Product images are indispensable for selling online. They serve as a visual representation of what your clients are buying, even if those images are stock images provided by manufacturers or other retailers. As a Shopify user, you probably make extensive use of product images yourself. You should know that your product images can affect both […]