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VPS Canada

Choosing a Canadian VPS (virtual priver server) is a popular and efficient option for webmasters looking for a more robust alternative to shared hosting, but at a lesser cost than a dedicated server. A Canada VPS is in effect much the same as any other dedicated server, except that the price is kept lower by […]

How to integrate your Aweber newsletter into your blog?

Eventually, a growing blog or site must include an email newsletter component to stay relevant and keep their followers. Running a great email service whether paid or free requires a good piece of software to keep all of the moving parts in place. Aweber is the email autoresponder program of choice for many webmasters for […]

Should You Hire a SEO Company for your Website?

Easily one of the most misunderstood concepts in today’s Internet landscape is Search Engine Optimization. Tech pundits are constantly harping on the importance of SEO when it comes to site success and e-commerce profitability. While it’s possible to perform basic SEO tweaks yourself, managing an entire SEO campaign without professional assistance can be hard. Here […]

Five resources that make learning code easy

In this day and age, it’s considered a given that the ability to read and understand software code is a valuable life skill. Knowing how to actually produce said code is even more critical in a number of industries. The problem is that the coding learning curve is fairly steep for those with no prior […]

What’s CSS?

The art of web design and development has come a long way in the past two decades. Long gone are the days when GIF banners and beveled window borders were considered cutting edge. We all know that HTML is the basic foundation of a web page layout. However, HTML is just the tip of the […]