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What’s CSS?

The art of web design and development has come a long way in the past two decades. Long gone are the days when GIF banners and beveled window borders were considered cutting edge. We all know that HTML is the basic foundation of a web page layout. However, HTML is just the tip of the […]

How to optimise JPEG images for the web?

Despite the rapidly increasing power of server hardware and software, reducing page sizes and load times is still a major consideration. The best way to drastically cut back on both is by optimizing images before uploading them. By their nature, JPEGs benefit the most from popular optimization techniques. The following is a quick step-by-step guide […]

What Are Podcasts and What Do I Need to Know to Start One?

The revolution in online digital broadcasting has produced many new avenues for content distribution. Easily one of the most popular mediums for content producers at every level is podcasting, a practice that allows anyone to become the next Howard Stern. Whether its audience numbers in the thousands or the millions, a podcast is a powerful […]

Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Groups

In recent years, Facebook has truly come into its own as a marketing vehicle for small businesses. The platform allows SMBs and entrepreneurs to go beyond mere paid promotion and embrace a variety of marketing techniques. Two of its most powerful built-in tools are Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. Though both can be surprisingly effective promotional options, many […]