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Succeeding in modern business requires being actively online. The problem for so many business owners is that they are not web development gurus. Most do not own computer servers, nor do they know how to build and maintain websites. Forget about things like SSL and SEO. So, what’s the solution? Full-service web hosting.

Cookie-Cutter Hosting No More

The early days of the World Wide Web were powered by a small number of hosting companies offering cookie-cutter plans. Most plans required customers to have at least a rudimentary knowledge of web hosting and site building. A business owner without such knowledge would have to work with a reseller capable of providing appropriate services.

Things are no longer like that. Web hosting companies offer a full range of customizable plans covering everything from shared hosting to dedicated, enterprise-level servers. Moreover, lots of web host providers now offer full-service web hosting. HostPapa is a great example of one.

A Lot for Your Money

Full-service web hosting does cost a bit more than DIY shared hosting. But you do end up getting a lot for your money. Using HostPapa as an example, a full-service plan would give you:

  • server space for your website
  • adequate RAM and CPU resources
  • domain registration service
  • website building tools
  • SEO tools and services
  • email services
  • advanced security (including SSL).

Upon signing up, the support staff will set up and configure your server for you. They will assist with building your site and taking it live. They will handle obtaining and installing SSL certificates for every site under your portfolio.

HostPapa Full-Service Web Hosting Plans

The HostPapa staff would essentially act as your partners to get your business online and keep things running smoothly. Depending on your needs at the time, they could do everything for you or share the workload with your tech team.

It Pays to Shop Around

The point of choosing full-service web hosting is to get your business online despite your lack of knowledge about web hosting and internet security. But do not let that lack of knowledge lead you to a place where you are paying more than you should for service. Know that it pays to shop around.

We used HostPapa as one great example of what full-service web hosting offerings look like. But they are by no means the only company offering such services. There are plenty to choose from. The key is to compare hosting companies side-by-side. Compare their plans in terms of resources, support, and full-service options such as automatic updates, free SSL, and so forth.

Finding the right provider puts you on a path to online success. Your full-service provider is your online partner more than capable of taking care of the technical aspects of being online so that you and your team can focus on whatever it is you do best. Full-service web hosting represents a wonderful way to get your business online quickly without having to be an internet guru or hire a full-time tech staff.

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