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Every year, dozens of new web hosting companies go into business working as resellers of larger providers. HostUtopia is not one of them. HostUtopia was established in 1996 as one of the earliest providers of web hosting services in Canada. At the time, Vancouver was their focus. They eventually acquired Vancouver’s Ace of Space in 2005 to become one of the largest web hosting companies in Canada.

HostUtopia went on to expand to the US after opening an operations centre in Maine. They are now a global hosting provider with physical operations in British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, Illinois, Maine, and Arizona. Their clients hail from 20 countries across the world. These days, HostUtopia puts a special emphasis on content management platforms. They were one of the first web hosting companies to recognize and push systems such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, and Softaculous.

HostUtopia Hosting Services

HostUtopia‘s list of services includes both hosting plans and marketing services. You might be interested in any of the following:

  • HostUtopia Shared Hosting – HostUtopia combines shared and VPS hosting into a single category that takes advantage of their proprietary drive partitioning known as TrueSpace®. This provisioning method gives you the lower cost of shared hosting with the dedicated resources of virtual private servers. You will never run out of disk space or be slowed down by another customer on the same server. Prices start at $5.95 CAD per month.
  • HostUtopia Dedicated Hosting – HostUtopia’s dedicated hosting is also a different kind of scenario. Customers are given their own dedicated hardware and other resources based on a virtualization model. The service combines the best of VPS and dedicated hosting for businesses and enterprise customers. Prices start at $295 CAD per month.
  • HostUtopia SEO – If you need assistance with online marketing, HostUtopia offers WebSEO, a complete website marketing solution for small businesses. With it you can analyze up to 1,000 pages of content, measure up to 100 keywords against 25 competitors, personalize marketing recommendations, and more. There’s Free version, while the feature-packed version starts at $19.95 CAD per month.
  • HostUtopia Web Design Tools – What really put HostUtopia on the map was their early recognition of content management systems. They assist their customers today with all the most popular packages, as listed in our introduction, along with their own HostUtopia Website Builder package.
  • HostUtopia Domain Names – HostUtopia offers new domain registration, domain renewal and domain transfer at affordable prices. They work with the most common domains as well as dozens of niche domains.

Additional services not listed here include SSL certificates, reseller hosting and affiliate opportunities. Note that all web-hosting plans come with cPanel administration. Customers with enough knowledge can handle all administration on their own; those who need a little help can always contact the support department for assistance.

HostUtopia Customer Service and Support

Dedicated support is available to all customers 24/7/365. The best way to access support is to visit the website and click the support link at the top right of the page. Support can be accessed via their online ticket system or their live, online chat. Like most other web hosting companies, HostUtopia also offer a vast amount of online information via their knowledge base. They also offer a separate cPanel user’s manual and a number of video tutorials for instruction on the basics.

HostUtopia Promotional Code

At the moment, there are not available HostUtopia promotional codes. Whenever a HostUtopia coupon code becomes available, we include it here. Make sure to use the links on this page to visit their website, they guarantee that you will always get their cheapest hosting prices.

HostUtopia Review

Customers across the Internet generally give HostUtopia very good ratings for customer service, pricing, support and product offerings. That should be no surprise, given they been in business for nearly 20 years. One does not last that long as a web hosting company without keeping customers happy.

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