Liquid Web Storm Server Block Storage Review

Liquid Web

LiquidWeb is known as a versatile web and server host, and they give you many options when it comes to storing data. One of their newest offer is the Storm High Performance Block Storage (HPBS) volumes. They are versatile cloud storage servers that allows you to store as much data as you want, and there are many other advantages to this service. Read on to see if your website or company can benefit from this.

Storage Amount

You can choose the amount of storage you want, and you are billed depending on how much storage you use on a per-day basis. The minimum size of the cloud server is 150GB. This should be enough for most medium to large websites. The maximum storage amount is 15TB. This should easily be enough for even the most demanding website.


The price is incredibly affordable. You are charged about $0.10 a month for every gigabyte. This pricing should make it very easy for you to afford the amount of storage you need. The minimum pricing is $15 a month, and the maximum is $1,500 a month.

Instant Deployment

The other good thing about this service is that your cloud server can be instantly deployed. You can immediately start uploading files to the server. Most cloud server providers make you wait a day or two until the server is ready, but not LiquidWeb.

Storm High Performance Block Storage

Modifying your cloud server is just as quick. You can instantly add new cloud servers or destroy old ones. This ensures that you are only charged for the data you are using, and it makes it easy for you to customize your package.


Losing your data can be catastrophic. Most cloud server providers create a backup file of your data so that you can easily recover the files, but this can take hours or days. The Storm High Performance Block Storage (HPBS) use a revolutionary form of server architecture that significantly decreases recovery time.

Your cloud server can be mounted to another server if your server goes down. This means that it should only be a few minutes to an hour before the files are accessible again.

Scaling Up

You can easily add more storage space to your cloud server. Scaling up your server requires just a few mouse clicks. This means that you can instantly start adding more data if your demands outgrow your current server limitations.

Storm Server Block Storage Review

LiquidWeb’s Storm Block Storage is among one of the best cloud server providers. The price is affordable, you can easily scale up or destroy servers, the recovery time is almost instant and deployment only takes a few minutes. If you need extra storage for your website or company, then is easily one of the best that you can choose from.

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