Low Cost Virtual Server

A number of good web hosting companies now offer a low cost virtual server option for webmaster looking for a more robust plan than those offered by shared hosting. A virtual private server has become an attractive option for websites looking to up their hosting services. A low cost virtual server not only gives you access to features usually offered by a dedicated server, but by sharing the actual physical server with several users, you are able to receive a more solid hosting service at a price much more affordable than the dedicated servers.

Moreover, no need to worry your website’s information and data. While it shares a server like with shared hosting, virtual hosting is different since each user is assigned their own IP addresses to use as they wish. Therefore, not only does a virtual server make a lot of sense for smaller businesses in terms of functionality, the economy that a low cost virtual server provides allows to spend in other areas of the website development.

Best Low Cost Virtual Server in Canada

The first web host you should consider if you’re looking for a low cost virtual server is MyHosting.com. They offer virtual server plans starting from as little as $15.95 per month, making this a very appealing service to Canadians looking to host their website on a virtual dedicated server. MyHosting is based in Canada, and its VPS hosting plans are known to be reliable.

Another good option in terms of virtual server web hosting provider, especially for small to medium website is GoDaddy.com. At the moment, you can get a low cost virtual server on GoDaddy for as little as $23.99 per month. While Godaddy is best know for registering a domain name, it also offers a full range of web hosting services, which are available to Canadians and Canadian websites.

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