Why should you set your website up with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics

Even if you’re running a low-traffic blog, web analytics are pretty much a requirement these days. Advanced analytics tools now enable webmasters to carefully scrutinize their traffic and measure nearly every metric of site performance. Google Analytics is easily one of the most popular analytics apps on the market for sites of all sizes. There are at least five good reasons why you should set up Google Analytics on your domains.

1. Ease of Installation and Use

While most analytics platforms are fairly easy to set up, Google Analytics is in a league of its own in the simplicity department. All you need to do to get started is embed a snippet of JavaScript within your pages and you can begin to monitor traffic. Furthermore, its web interface boasts one of the cleanest and most intuitive layouts if you’re new to analytics.

2. Customizable Real-Time Reports

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with GA’s basic functionality, you can structure your analytics data as you see fit. A basic Google Analytics account allows users to create an array of Dashboards that group information logically in a variety of ways. GA also comes with the ability to visualize things like traffic sources and bounce rates using charts, graphs and even maps. Google Analytics is particularly adept at managing a slew of campaigns built around an array of disparate goals.

3. Google Products Compatibility

Besides good old-fashioned search, Google provides tons of excellent services like AdSense, Maps and Google+ Local to name just a few, known collectively as Google Apps. Those apps are a treasure trove of data that can be used to improve your site. Naturally, Google Analytics is designed from the ground up to easily integrate all of that information. That inside advantage can make Google Analytics a powerful weapon when it comes to courting visitors via your content.

4. Tons of Training & Documentation

A rapidly evolving platform like Google Analytics is constantly adding new features and expanding functionality each month. Google makes it easy for their users to stay on top of changes via their excellent Analytics Help Center. There are forums, blog posts and videos galore that will assist you in getting the most from the platform. They even provide official training and certification for serious amateur and professional students of web analytics.

5. It’s 100% Free for Most Users

Last but not least, the biggest advantage of Google Analytics is that it won’t cost you a dime for the most part. The average site simply doesn’t see enough traffic to require a Premium account. Even if you’re running a large number of domains with loads of traffic, upgrading to the paid version won’t break the bank. Either way, Google Analytics is always an excellent value.

There’s No Time Like the Present

If you’re not already using Google Analytics on your web site, there’s no reason not to start doing so today. On an increasingly competitive web, every little edge that you can eke out using advanced web analytics can make a big difference. Once you learn the basics, the sky is the limit as far as what you can do with Google Analytics is concerned.


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