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Rodolfo Lentejas, Jr. is a fulltime freelance writer based in Toronto. He is the founder of the PostSckrippt, a growing online writing business dedicated to producing top quality, original and fresh content. To know more about him, please visit Like him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Do Not Be Another Online Tragedy — Take Control of Your Website

Not every website owner is knowledgeable about building his own website, developing it and publishing it. For this reason, many website owners spend money on hiring web developers to do the job for them. Hiring web developers is indeed necessary, especially if you want your website to have the online presence you need. However, you […]

The 5 Easiest SEO Tips Ever

Anybody who is the Internet business knows or is at least familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a set of practices used to optimize and promote a website so that its traffic increases from online search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and of course, Google. These are the three biggest search engines that […]