Common Web Hosting Myths Debunked!

When looking for a web hosting service, you’re bound to come across a range of attractive offers from dozens of providers. Some of them can be so attractive that they literally stop you from carrying out some much-needed critical analysis.

Well, you don’t want to make decisions when your brain’s in stasis. That’s how you end up with regrets. When choosing a web hosting service, you need to think things through.

You can get started by going through these debunked myths.

Web Hosting Myths

Any Web Hosting Provider Can Do the Job!

No. Not every web hosting provider is the same. Like all other products and services, there are ones that are worth the money spent and ones that aren’t. That applies to web hosting providers as well. The last thing you need is hosting trouble when you’ve spent a ton of effort and money creating a brilliant website.

There are several considerations to be made when choosing a web hosting company. For starters, look at the uptime percentage. Anything below 99.9% is bad. For example, a 98% downtime can mean 3.4 hours of downtime per week. Can you take that kind of risk?

Secondly, look at the response speed. How long does it take for a site to load? A fast loading site with good response makes visitors happy and a lot of that depends on the hosting service you choose. In fact, response times also determine your search engine ranking. The faster your website, the higher the ranking.

Thirdly, consider the number of domains you’re getting. If you’re operating multiple sites, you’ll need a hosting service that offers unlimited domains.

Lastly, make sure you’re signing up with a provider who is ready to offer you continued support.

Free Web Hosting Is Best!

Yes. We all want things for free and in a perfect world, that’s how it would be. But, we don’t live in a perfect world and in this world, anything that’s offered for free needs to be questioned. This is especially true when you’re dealing with web hosting services.

One of the first problems you can be sure to expect with free web hosting is that it isn’t professional-grade. In other words, you can forget about providing your visitor with fast load times and a pleasant experience.

Also, like we said, nothing is really free. Just because the hosting service isn’t taking any money from you doesn’t mean they’re not getting their funds from other sources. This usually happens to be through advertisers who are looking to place their advertisements.

Would you like to take a guess as to where those advertisements are likely to get placed? Yup, on your website.

Free hosting deals are like deals with the devil. The consequences outweigh the benefits.

Affordable Web Hosting Is Cheap Web Hosting

Just because a hosting service is affordable doesn’t mean it’s not reliable. There are many web hosting providers out there like GreenGeeks who manage to offer comprehensive web hosting packages that are easy on your pocket.

You may not get the best of everything, but, you’ll have enough of what you need.

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