Please note that since this Funio review was first written in 2011, Funio has made substantive changes to the different plans they offer. You can visit for more information. We plan on updating this page soon.

Funio is a Montreal web host that was created in 2011. Funio is actually the former shared hosting division of iWeb, one of the largest web hosting companies in Canada. Since iWeb wanted to focus on its Smart, Virtual and Dedicated servers and other enterprise services, Funio was established as a separate company.

Funio Shared Hosting Plan

Funio provides a single shared hosting plan. This package includes several features which are generally expected of a shared hosting plan. For example, here are some of the features that are included in every shared hosting package:

  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • 600GB of web space;
  • Hosting of unlimited domain names and websites;
  • Zero downtime architecture;
  • Unlimited subdomains;
  • 1 domains for $0.99;
  • Up to 500 email accounts;
  • $50 credit for Google Adwords;
  • Web editing software WebExpert6 for free.

Funio’s shared hosting plan is offered at a price of $5.83 per month for a 2 year agreement, $6.99 per month for a one year agreement, $7.38 per month for an agreement of 6 months and $7.77 per month for a monthly agreement. Prices are in U.S. dollars.

Funio Reseller Plan

Funio also offers a web hosting reseller plan for customers who want to provide web hosting services to their customers.

Funio offers two reseller packager, one starting at $28.33 per month for a 2 year agreement, the other at $50.83 per month for a 2 year agreement as well.

Funio Review

Funio is an attractive option for webmasters looking for a web hosting in Quebec. Funio might be a recent arrival in the web hosting scenery, but as a host created by iWeb, it has extensive experience in the field of web hosting. In the past, iWeb has been criticized by some for its customer service which is apparently not always up to par. Remains to be seen whether this will happen with Funio. At $5.83 per month, Funio is not the cheapest web hosting provider when compared with other Canadian web hosting companies such as and, but it remains an affordable web host.

In light of the negative Funio reviews we’ve been seeing lately, we strongly suggest you read our Funio Alternatives article before joining Funio.

13 thoughts on “Funio

  1. Salvatore

    I have been with iWeb and now funio for some time. Although they announce great service, my experience has been less than poor. Extensive periods of slow servers/website, unresponsive e-mail servers (so not able to send/receive e-mails), and very poor IT support has amounted to me transferring all my domains elsewhere. If I were to grade them, they would receive an F. In my experience, they have great prices, but the service is not up to par with what they promise.

  2. D- rating from Lyle Southam

    I started with iWeb almost a year ago, moving over 20 domains and a few hundred gigs of web site content over to iweb.

    Initially, I encountered some minor transition problems, but overall, I had an OK experience.

    During their transition to Funio, there seemed to be more on-line help available – detailed explanations of things smaller clients like me might need to do. Great!

    Just recently, they moved my sites (to improve performance, they said) and instructed me to change my domain nameservers to point to a different pair of nameservers.
    After doing that, no change, and a week later, they shut down the old server, and all my sites went down too. They discovered that they had not fuloly completed the synchronization properly so my sites were still being sent to an old server that they shut down. After a ticket and some phone calls, one domain fixed, then more (after the first call) and then the majority started to work on the new server. There are still a couple of domains not working properly.

    I had asked questions – both on the phone and on the ticket, but no answers. Sent a note to management. No response. Called and asked for a callback – was promised that someone would call within an hour. 4 hours later, no call.

    It seems that their customer service to be driven by CYA management rather than customer needs. Zero Downtime Arcitecture, as advertised on their site, has not been my experience in this case.

    I suspect the move to separate shared hosting from the iWeb brand is the first step to allowing a take-over by some other large host – purely business.

    I have tried to be proactive with Funio – asking questions about the failed services and about attempts to correct them but am getting little or no response.

    While iWeb was a good experience, it seems that Funio is unable to handle internal tasks properly and fails in communicating with customers when problems arise.

    While the service offerings (other than zero down time) are as stated, more than half the reason one would choose a provider is based on how they respond to a problem. In this case, they admitted to causing the problem, they have responded poorly to fixing the problem and there are still problems.

    This provider has lost my confidence.

    Feel free to call or write after this post for any references or reccomendations.

    — Contact information removed by admin —

  3. vendoren

    I’ve been with Iweb for 4 years now. My websites were only built with html/css and I never had any problems. I decided recently to switch to cms joomla to offer my clients the possibility to update their websites without my help.

    What a surprise it was to discover the unnaceptable loading time during peak hours. For a fresh installation of joomla without the sample data installed and with the default template, I get a 15-secondes loading time during lunchtime. This is so slow I just can’t believe it. When in the back-end, clicking on the save button to accept the changes, I got internal server errors one time out of two.

    I am seriously considering transferring all my websites to another host. I don’t know if the latency comes from the transition period from iweb to funio. Was it better before? Am I alone in this situation?

    If anybody has a good reference for joomla-based websites, feel free to contact me. You will find my email on my website.

    1. Maxime

      Same here, always been quite happy with iWeb and even took the 10years deal they had when they expanded. But now, really!!!! Funio is a pure joke. Since autumn 2013 I have a minimum of 5 to 10 seconds delay on all my website hosted there. Same website, hosted somewhere else, 3 to 4 times faster and no delay. Really disapointing.

  4. Simon

    Funio and iWeb are stealers. Their network is slow as hell, and their customer support is pure shit.

    I will never return to iWeb, ever. My experience with them have been disastrous!

  5. Tamaneko

    Hosting was terrible. They had no clue regarding transferring databases and saving it. They just gave me a very generic answer.
    In addition, I didn’t use their services anymore yet they still charged me after a year of non-usage even though I didn’t selected the auto-payment option.
    Do not go to this site for web hosting.

  6. Jon

    Horrible customer service. Shut down site without notice or contact. When contacting them they refused to speak with me on the phone or rectify the situation. Thanks for holding our site hostage Funio… Do not deal with them. As an Engineer, I will be spreading the word throughout the community.

  7. Marc Tremblay

    Nous avons omis de payer l’hébergement suite à une mésentente au sein de notre équipe. me demande de réactiver un nouveau plan et effectuer un paiement pour un montant de (17.97) Ensuite payer pour un frais de réouverture (25.00 ) et une facture pour un minimum de 3 mois pour le pland’hébergement ( 23.31$ ) . $ 66.28 pour 3 mois !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Andrew

    No, really!!
    What’s going on here?

    I am an experienced customer, working on the web since it’s creation. I am not a professional programmer nor an engineer, but I created more than 300 websites. I don’t even know how many times I switched the web hosting service over the last 20 years. As of today, I have access to several hosting services, because I am responsible for about 40 websites, including those of widely known international institutions. You can’t even imagine how bad can a service be! My websites were shut down for 3 days, or a 60-thousand students university destroyed a website of its department (hardware failure, with no backup!). The Funio is not perfect. They also have some minor problems (like ALL hosting services, believe me!), but it’s definitely THE BEST SERVICE I EVER HAD! Their customer support is INCREDIBLE!!! I paid for 10 years (shared hosting!), so one would think they don’t need to care about me any more, right? BUT THEY DO! I am a difficult customer – if I ask help, a professional answer and an extensive knowledge of Linux is needed. They always IMMEDIATELY provide an appropriate answer – even if I asked to help me with an external software I installed on their server (what they are not supposed to do!). I think some of the comments above are fake, written by the competitors or ***not very knowledgeable*** (I wish to use another word) people. WAKE UP! On which planet do you live? Surely not on EARTH! (No, I am NOT paid by Funio! I simply wanted to thank them that way for the EXCELLENT TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND SERVICE they provide).

  9. Jon

    One of the worst customer service departments I have seen in years!!! I can’t even close my account!!!! They told me to send an email to or something like that and those people never reply. They told me someone will call me but nobody did. I just want them to stop taking my money and I can’t!!!! What is going on here? Plus they close their chat sessions in my face!

  10. Vincent Chevalier

    Maybe you should review your post. The offers on the website are not corresponding to the information on yours.

  11. Pierre

    They were good when it was owned by iweb. Now, they are horrible at everything. Stay away!

    I have bought a 10 years plan from them in 2010 (it was around 200$ I think). They are now so bad that I moved all my sites to another hosting company, even if I have free hosting until 2020 with Funio.

    The reason why I write this review is not because of the frequent downtime, but because of the plain absence of support. Since they don’t offer a chat system anymore, I sent them a ticket asking to fix something regarding domain names. 24 hours after, I still hadn’t received a single answer, not even a simple confirmation they have received my ticket. I sent an email their customer service to check if they had received my ticket. No answer on any of their emails or tickets 36hours after.

    Consequently, if you choose to use Funio, you should consider their support system as simply inexistant.

  12. Danny

    I was with Iweb and had no problem just good service, with Funio not good, they keep changing stuff on the server.
    I have 20 web site, so I am a small client, I took a resellers plan and have 2 clients with … supposed unlimited space and access… All of my site are running WordPress. Funio made some changed on the back end. Lowered speed (I/O process) and RAM. When I told them, they offer me a new service 10$ monthly for more speed and ram. ( RIP OFF )

    and then people says why can we keep stuff local. just ask FUNIO
    they just lost another client


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