GoDaddy 4GH Review

GoDaddy manages more than 53 million domain names, and is the world’s largest registrar and host. Its customers have technical support available to them around the clock and the company has more than 3,000 employees and eight facilities around the country, including its base in Arizona. The company is well established, being one of the first web-giants, and is the only host/registrar that many people know. 4GH stands for 4th Generation Hosting and GoDaddy’s latest offering and their venture into the world of cloud hosting. It is the evolution of GoDaddy’s services and involves using multiple servers to host websites. Multiple servers means that a site is not dependent on only one server performing well.

4GH Features

When looking for a host, one important concern for many is scalability. How well will the site deal with increased traffic as its popularity grows? Shared hosting is what most people use and users with small, low to mid traffic sites will rarely encounter major problems. The problems arise when they start to get lots of traffic, which is usually the goal of a website. They may also show up if they start streaming large media files. Large spikes in traffic may result in the site becoming slow or even completely unreachable by those who want to visit it. 4GH is designed to handle the problems that come with spikes in traffic better than shared hosting can. With a 4GH hosting plan, more resources are provided as traffic spikes.

Users of 4GH get three options: Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. With the Economy plan they get 10GB of disk space and unlimited monthly transfers. The disk space goes up to 150GB with the Deluxe plan and is unlimited with the Ultimate. According to GoDaddy, there is no limit to how far the user is allowed to scale as bandwidth will be increased as necessary. The increased bandwidth is done automatically, without the customer having to do anything. Because the increases are automatic, users do not get manual controls over their resources. They will be able to monitor them, however.

Upgrading from Shared Hosting to 4GH

The move from shared hosting is simple and can be accomplished by using the options menu next to domain names in the GoDaddy account manager. The user chooses “customize” and selects the 4GH plan they want to use and then they save their customization. They can then finalize their purchase the same as with any other GoDaddy transaction. The process is designed to be as simple to implement and use as the shared hosting services. In fact, the hosting account is managed with a control panel very much like the one used for shared hosting.

4GH Cost

The cost of using the Economy 4GH plan is $4.24 per month, the Deluxe is $5.94 and the Ultimate is $8.49. The minimum contract period for the Economy plan is three months, whereas with the other two it is one month.

4GH Security

GoDaddy’s Dynamic Defense Management ensures that a website remains up and running and safe from attempts to interfere with the owner’s data. This is apart from the fact that GoDaddy uses only the newest and most advanced firewalls and routers to keep its customers’ data safe. Those who opt for the Ultimate 4GH plan get GoDaddy’s Premium DNS and Site Scanner services as well, these will protect from URL spoofing and other types of attacks.

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