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GoDaddy Offers New Promotions to Choose From

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GoDaddy, the world’s number one domain registrar and a leading provider of high-quality web hosting services, is at it again. They recently announced three brand-new promotions to carry us through 2015. Here the 2015 GoDaddy promo codes you can now use:

1. New domains for just $1.49.

Are you looking just to purchase a new domain or two? If so, you are in luck. GoDaddy is now offering $1.49 domains good for the first year of a new domain or existing domain transfer. A $0.18 fee is added to all domain purchases to cover the mandated ICAAN fee. Normal charges apply to renewal at the end of the first year. If you want to purchase additional years for any new domains, GoDaddy offers an excellent price of $9.99 annually.

GoDaddy $1.49 Domain Name
Register a new .com domain name on for $1.49 with this promo code.
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2. 30% Savings for your small business.

Not interested in the first offer? Then how about a 30% coupon to be applied to your total purchase for your small business? GoDaddy wants to save you money and get you online at the same time. With this GoDaddy promo code, you can save big on your purchase of new products only. It is not applicable to renewals.

GoDaddy 30% Discount
Get a 30% discount on any product and service on GoDaddy when you place an order using this GoDaddy promo code.
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3. Get a new domain, website and professional e-mail for $1 a month.

This promotion is just what every small business owner needs to get online. The incredibly low price includes your choice of domain registered for one year and requires an annual purchase. You also get:

  • a professional website with unlimited pages
  • business e-mail
  • dozens of customizable themes
  • more than 2,000 free web images.
GoDaddy $1 per month package
Get a 12-month pack including a new domain, a website and professional e-mail for $1 a month on GoDaddy.
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Please note that regular charges apply after the first year. This includes registration charges for domain name renewal.

Save now when you sign up with GoDaddy. These GoDaddy promotions are an excellent way to get online without spending a lot.

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