How to Choose a Domain Name

Choose a Domain Name

In theory, a domain name is simply a way to make it easier for web users to locate content online since IP addresses are difficult to remember. The truth is that domain names have a huge impact on the success of any given website. Here are seven topnotch tips for choosing the best domain name possible.

1. Make It Easy to Remember

The whole point of a domain name is to enable end users to easily discover and remember a website. As such, it’s in your best interests to craft a name that incorporates whole dictionary words related to your niche. Avoid overly long or confusing strings of letters and numbers.

2. Be Unique and Direct

With so many websites competing for mind share and eyeballs, there’s no place for ambiguity when it comes to the perfect domain name. Avoid generic keywords that don’t help your domain name to stand out. Though extra effort is required to concoct something truly unique, doing so is worth it.

3. Employ Major SEO Keywords

When choosing a domain name for the long haul, it’s vital that you consider the SEO implications of any given contender. In and of itself, a targeted domain name won’t help you to dominate organic search results. Regardless, using specific SEO keywords in your domain name can help out immensely.

4. Target Geographical Areas

Nowadays, the fields of SEO and digital customer acquisition have become increasingly dependent on the location of consumers. The adoption of mobile devices has accelerated the trend in recent years. Whenever possible, make your domain name or names specific to a particular area depending on the scope of your particular business.

5. Keep Branding in Mind

If your business has been around for a reasonable period of time, you no doubt have a clear branding strategy. Your domain name must reflect and reinforce that strategy by evoking a predictable response from consumers. Pick a domain name that customers will associate with your business’s main selling points.

6. Choose the Appropriate TLD

The top-level domain (TLD) that you select for your domain name can also have serious SEO implications in the long run. When in doubt, opt for a “.com” domain name that connotes authority. If you’re focusing on users that reside in a specific jurisdiction, country-specific TLDs like “.ca” or “” for example are fine.

7. Avoid Trendy Gimmicks

Once upon a time, many webmasters used gimmicks like spelling variations and the inclusion of words like “Best” or “Top” in their domain names to game organic search results. While some short-term domain name tactics can deliver short-lived results, they’re not appropriate for respectable websites that are in it for the long haul.

Making Smart Domain Decisions

When all is said and done, the right domain name for your site won’t hinge on any one factor. To secure the best outcomes, you must carefully weigh each of the considerations outlined above when concocting a killer domain name. Be sure to do your homework before registering a domain.

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