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Java, JSP and Java Servlets

Java is a programming language that can run on several different devices, including computers and mobile phones. A programming language is basically a written series of codes that tell computers what to do. James Gosling, a software developer working with Sun Microsystems at the time, released it in 1995 as an integral part of the Java platform. Java is not to be confused with JavaScript, which is a scripting language focusing around Web browsers.

Much of the syntax in the Java programming language comes from similar languages, C and C++, but with certain changes, like a simpler object model. Java itself was designed to be a general-purpose language that can create things once and run them practically anywhere. This is evident in that any application created in Java can be operated on any Java-enabled machine, regardless of how a computer is put together.

JavaServer Pages (JSP), on the other hand, is a Java technology enabling Web pages and applications to be made, and is used by server applications. What it does is it embeds Java code into XML, HTML, DHTML, and other document types. When combined, these form cohesive, dynamically-generated Web pages for the viewing public. Static content in a Web page is when the content doesn’t change until someone manually changes it, like in HTML. JSP injects Java code and automatic, pre-rendered actions (dynamic coding) into this static content, enabling the site owner to update each visitor with fresh content seamlessly. A good example would be a real-time news coverage site.

When a website is compiled with a JSP compiler, it becomes enabled with Java Server Pages. The website is placed into Java servlets. In simplest terms, a Java servlet is a programming language class that extends the abilities of Web servers that host content and applications. In other words, it allows them to have dynamic content. Once this occurs, a Web container recognizes the converted Java servlet and integrates it into the Web server. When any type of document or media is integrated into a Web server, it is finally hosted on the Internet for all to see.

To host a Java-enabled website, you must make sure that your host supports Java / JSP. To that ends, we strongly recommend the VPS or Dedicated servers of

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