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Sherweb Sherweb is a versatile Canadian web hosting company. They have many hosting options from single-domain hosting to VPS accounts, which is great if your website ever goes beyond the normal shared hosting limits. Sherweb also offers email hosting and streaming hosting, which is great for people that need hosting email accounts or websites that stream videos. But, can this Web host stand up to the other ones? Read on and find out.

Sherweb General Features

The features offered by Sherweb differ depending on what account you get. However, there are some general features shared by all the account types. You get script support for PHP,, Ruby on Rails and Python. Sherweb offers both Windows and Linux hosting for shared hosting and most accounts offer the same price for the two operating systems.

They also offer 99.9% uptime and have short call times. Sherweb states that most callers only wait three minutes or less, which helps you quickly get back to running your website.

Sherweb Single Domain Plans

Sherweb’s single domain plans are shared hosting plans that give you the option of Linux or Windows hosting. All of the packages offer unlimited traffic and bandwidth. There are three packages named Starter, Expert and Premium. Here are their prices:

  • Starter: $7.25/month
  • Expert: $14.95/month
  • Premium: $28.95/month

The Starter package gives you 1GB of disk space and five email accounts. Expert hosting gives you 10GB of space, five MySQL databases and 500 email accounts. The last one, Premium hosting, gives you 20GB of disk space, 50 MySQL databases and 1,000 email accounts.

Sherweb Multiple Domain Plans

There are six different packages for the multiple domain plans. Three are for Windows hosting and the other three are for Linux hosting. The price is different for the two operating systems, though the other specs are the same.

  • Multi25 Hosting: $55.95 for Windows and $45.95 for Linux.
  • Multi50 Hosting: $75.95 for Windows and $65.95 for Linux.
  • Multi100 Hosting: $109.95 for Windows and $89.95 for Linux.

When you sign up, there is also an $18 setup fee. The Multi25 plan lets you use five domains, 100GB of bandwidth and you get 25GB of disk space. The Multi50 plan hosts up to 20 domains and you get 50GB of disk space and 200GB of bandwidth. The Multi100 hosts up to 125 domains and you get 100GB disk space and 1,000GB bandwidth. All of the accounts have unlimited email accounts and 99.9% uptime.

Sherweb VPS Hosting

You can choose between two different VPS packages with Sherweb. Both are Linux-based and you can upgrade the amount of RAM and storage in the VPS. The prices for the two are:

  • Basic: $19.95/month
  • Advanced: $89.95/month

Both the Basic and Advanced account start out with 200GB of bandwidth and three dedicated IPs. The Basic account starts with 5GB of storage and the Advanced account starts with 100GB of space. You can host up to 10 domains by default. You get 256MB of RAM for the Basic account and 2GB of RAM for the Advanced account.

You can upgrade the VPS at a price. For example, you can increase the Basic account’s RAM to 1GB for an extra $25. Since these stats are on the low side, you will probably want to upgrade at least the RAM.

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SherWeb Review Overview

Sherweb is a versatile host, but the amount of memory and bandwidth you get is not very much when compared to the price. Their staff is dedicated and there are many features, but it doesn’t erase the fact that all of their accounts are quite expensive. However, the hosting itself is very good and dependable. You also get extra control over the VPS setup with the your purchase, which is needed for some businesses.

Overall, Sherweb is a good host. While their plans are expensive, the host itself is reliable. In the end, we love Sherweb for their dependability, though we would love them more if their prices were more affordable. For this reason, we’d sooner use HostPapa or Web Hosting Canada before Sherweb for shared hosting and VPS hosting.

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