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WHC.ca Email marketing by Web Hosting Canada (WHC.ca / WHC.ca) is a feature which is designed to generate traffic for your website, manage you email lists, and run you email marketing campaigns. By using email marketing, you can spread the word instantly about new goods and services featured on your site. This marketing feature can generate leads which will follow through, soon turning into loyal customers.

WHC.ca Email Marketing Features

With the email marketing feature offered by Web Hosting Canada, you can easily connect with thousands of customers and potential customers in only a few minutes. You can schedule times at which mass emails will be sent, and you can examine the effect they have on your traffic and revenue. The marketing program also allows for the configuration of auto responders and can be integrated into popular social media sites. With email marketing, you will no longer be relying on plain text based emails. You will be able to choose from a number of HTML templates or even create your own, using images and colors of your choosing to personalize the look of your emails.

Email lists can be easily managed, so that no leads or addresses are ever lost. Contact history can be tracked and you can analyze the engagement of your subscribers and the growth of your lists. The reputation of your mail server will remain flawless as your marketing campaigns land in the inboxes of your target market, not the spam folder. You will be able to see who opened their emails and also view those who unsubscribed. With email marketing from Web Hosting Canada, you can create an email campaign that will reach hundreds or a campaign that will reach up to thousands- it is entirely up to you. Sending is not limited by the hour, and is handled completely by the Web Hosting Canada system to allow you to keep your focus where it should be- on writing high quality emails that will draw in customers and leads.

Web Hosting Canada has a technical team that is available to assist with problems via online text chat, email and via phone. The same excellent and reliable tech support that the company offers to their web hosting clients is also available to those using the email marketing feature. No matter what time of day or night, if you are having a technical issue with your email marketing, someone will be there to assist you.

WHC.ca Email Marketing Price and Comparison with Aweber and iContact

The monthly price of email marketing through Web Hosting Canada is extremely reasonable. Your price is determined by the number of contacts you wish to reach, and on whether or not you also have an hosting account with WHC. Moreover, if you pay for the service in a lump sum, up to 15% of your cost will be discounted.

Web Hosting Canada email marketing plans are priced in accordance with the number of contacts you plan on having on your lists.

Below we list the prices for various numbers of contacts, and compare them with two other popular email marketing companies, Aweber.com and iContact.com.

Contacts WHC.ca Cost/month Aweber Cost/month iContact Cost/month
100 FREE $19.00 FREE
250 $6.00 $19.00 $10.00
500 $10.00 $19.00 $14.00
1000 $19.00 $29.00 $19.00
2500 $29.00 $29.00 $29.00
5000 $49.00 $49.00 $47.00
10,000 $74.00 $69.00 $74.00
15,000 $99.00 $149.00 $109.00
25,000 $149.00 Varies $149.00

As you can see, WHC.ca Email marketing prices are competitive and rivals the ones offered by Americain email marketing companies like Aweber.com and iContact.com. On top of that, it’s possible to get the Email Marketing service up to a certain number of contacts for free if you use Web Hosting Canada as your web host as well.

WHC.ca Email Marketing Promotions

If you also want to host a website on WHC.ca, you can sign up at a 50% discount and get a free domain name using the promotional code below:

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Afterwards, in order to activate email marketing for free with your Web Hosting Canada account, you can use one of the promotional codes they have made available for their Starter, Pro, Enterprise, Reseller and Dedicated Server hosting customers:

Hosting Plan Contacts Included Promotional Code
STARTER Web Hosting 250 ML250Y2SM6
PRO Web Hosting 500 ML500PL6ET
ENTERPRISE Web Hosting 1000 ML1000PHL1
Reseller Web Hosting (ALL) 1000 ML1000PHL1
Dedicated Servers (ALL) 1000 ML1000PHL1


WHC.ca Email marketing from Web Hosting Canada is an extremely effective business tool when you want to increase the revenue and traffic on your website. Being able to reach so many people so simply has a value that cannot be understated. The increase in traffic to your website will likely be immediate and very noticeable.

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