What’s a QR Code and How to use QR Codes to promote a website

QR code

A quick response code, or QR code, is a special two-dimensional matrix of black and white dots that are used in a similar fashion as barcodes. Like barcodes, QR codes encode data in a pattern that can be read by a scanner. However, QR codes provide greater storage capacity for encoded data. This allows them to be used in a wider variety of applications. For example, a QR code can provide a complete URL for a company’s website. Some URL strings are very long, especially if they pinpoint a specific product nested deep within a website. A QR code allows people to easily access websites without typing in a lengthy URL. Using QR codes to promote websites has become popular with the recent and widespread adoption of smart phones, which can scan QR codes quite easily.

A QR code can be used to promote a website by placing it anywhere a person is likely to bother scanning it. Common examples include print advertisements, which place QR codes next to product advertisements. Less common examples involve placing QR codes in strange locations, which might draw the attention of passersby. An unusually placed QR code will attract people to it, who will then scan it to see what it is all about. This can help promote a business or website.

Another great place to place a QR code is on a website that is meant to be viewed on a desktop or laptop PC, but also contains a mobile component. When a person sees this QR code, they can scan it with their phone and automatically be taken to the mobile version of the website. This is a great way to promote mobile versions of web pages, which otherwise may not get noticed by regular web users.

mobile website

QR codes are effective tools for promoting websites. In particular, they are very effective at promoting mobile versions of websites, since people are most likely to scan a QR code with their phone. QR codes have many other uses as well, such as providing download links to software. For example, the Android web store has QR codes for all of their products. A person can scan them with their phone, and the software is automatically downloaded and installed on their phone. This allows people to enjoy a flexible and seamless computing experience. QR codes can make life easier for end users, while also promoting the website of a business.

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