A Day In The Life Of A Work-From-Home Online Marketer

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Some people in this world would love nothing more than to work from home. Your schedule, your rules. Heck, doesn’t sound like too bad of a gig now does it? A good number of these work-from-home folks are Internet-based business people and/or Internet marketers. I told you recently all about how to become a web host, but being an online marketer in the general sense of the word attrats a lot of online entrepreneurs. Now, let’s see what a “day in the life of” looks like for Joe Shmoe.

After a night full of digital, “cybery”-like dreams, Joe’s alarm clock goes off at 7:30am. The snooze button is hit, as usual, and 8am finally rolls around (the real waking up time).

Jumping out of bed Joe turns on his PC and grabs his usual breakfast – a bowl of oatmeal and orange juice – and boots up Outlook Express. Time to start cracking on 28 new emails… not including spam.

After sifting through the important and not-so-important emails, Joe logs in to the backend of his “money” site to see of any nightly activity in his cPanel. A couple interesting finds.

First, a spike in traffic. His cPanel reveals that yesterday’s traffic was higher than it has ever been, 414 unique visitors. Score!

Oh and that’s right, he realized he completely forgot what he was supposed to do yesterday. Joe abruptly changes pace and installs WordPress on two of his new websites which he was planning to do yesterday. Luckily as he’s using WHC, it only takes seconds to get everything squared away. Can’t beat WordPress’ one-click install!

Back to the findings – and this one is rather unfortunate. There was a hack attempt to one of his sites. Luckily his cPanel’s security did well in securing his data and no harm was done. As should be done regularly, Joe backs up his files for each of his sites… just in case.

Time to check sales, whether it be good news or bad. Joe logs into his affiliate accounts on PeerFly and Commission Junction and score – $178 in commissions! All overnight… nothing better than passive income.

Since Joe recently signed up for his hosting, only about a month ago, he decides to look further into his free Google AdWords credit which he received when signing up. Clearly there’s no reason not to take advantage of it – it’s free! Plus, one of his new ventures, a landing page for obtaining payday loan leads, he thinks the $100 for cost-per-click advertising could provide some great ROI.

*An hour passes*.

AdWords is now all ready to go, campaigns set, and Joe’s stomach is hungry – lunch time! And time for a jog after digesting. (Hey reader, don’t forget… online marketers need exercise too. Sitting all day takes a toll on our body and mixing things up is a must.)

After lunch it’s time to check for available domains. Since unlimited domains are able to be hosted, stacking up as many as possible for future projects is a good idea. For only $8 a year per domain, even if a site brings in $5 per month, a profit is being made. And with 100 sites or even more, those are some nice paydays!

What a productive day Joe has had so far… and it’s only early afternoon!

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