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Ross Cohen, a self-proclaimed online & offline entrepreneur, resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Being a jack of all trades, he prides himself on being an economist by degree, salesman by trade, and writer by heart.

Is Web Hosting Necessary For Local Businesses?

Once upon a time businesses opened and local residents came to spend. The business would treat their customers right and so the customers would return. There was an unspoken appreciation between the two parties that would, in many cases, last generations. Then came the likes of YellowPages and similar local advertising methods. Business owners undoubtedly […]

GoDaddy vs. HostGator

The new year is here and both GoDaddy and HostGator have had their websites updated to a more “festive” theme – but what does this mean for you? Besides their more aesthetically pleasing layouts, this also means savings (which will be discussed at the end of this article). Now, before we get to those savings, […]

5 Questions Bound To Be Asked By New Web Hosting Customers

Maybe you’re a new web hosting customer. Maybe you just need a brush up on your facts. Regardless of the reason, these five commonly asked questions are ones you should certainly know the answers to before taking the plunge and picking your hosting option. With so many alternatives out there, you don’t have to settle… […]