Becoming a Reseller Host with Web Hosting Canada

Have you ever thought about becoming a reseller host in Canada? You might be wondering what it is all about? Reseller hosting is essentially becoming a web hosting provider and having control over the usage of a server to host websites for third parties. The reseller obtains the hosting services by purchasing a reseller wholesale account and then selling hosting plans to customers for profit. The reseller is given permission to sell its own customized hosting plans to their own customer without having to purchase and maintain its own hardware and servers, as they are provided by the web hosting company. Some natural web hosting resellers can be web design firms or a web developer. It’s a great way for them to offer an add-on to their regular services.

Reseller hosting through a web host like Web Hosting Canada is also a great way for young entrepreneurs to start up their own company. Web Hosting Canada allows the reseller to create personalized service plans and set his own prices. Doing things this way allows resellers to have control on the services they provide. You do not have to have extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of web hosting to be able to do this. Technical support is provided for maintaining the network and hardware. This does not get you off the hook though. The responsibilities of the reseller consist of acquiring their own customer base and offering customer support pre-sale and post-sale as well. To become known and profitable you will have to be able to come up with a marketing campaing, advertise or have a customer acquisition strategy. Although the monthly hosting cost is relatively low – it can come out to as low as $19.95 per month for a Reseller account – you will need to budget marketing and advertising for your reseller business. You must keep in mind that you are entering against a competitive business niche. Web hosting is one of the biggest online businesses around, since every website needs hosting to run.

There are some questions that come up regularly about starting a reseller hosting business. Here are a few tips on how to go about the start up aspect. First things first, you should draft a business plan. Write down your business goals and how you want to operate. You might want to consider the market you want to work with, the additional software you will need, and get a good idea of the level of technical support you will receive to help you along the way. You should have some sort of understanding of the fundamentals of running a business. One very important step will be to establish your business legally. Decide if you want it to be a sole proprietorship or a corporation for example. Come up with your hosting plan and hosting prices, and figure out in advance how you plan to get customers. Like in most thing, the key here is Preparation.

Web Hosting Canada is great to help you get started. They offer three different reseller packages; Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. Each one is made to suit increasing level of Reseller Hosting. Usually, it’ll make more sense to start with the Starter package. Pricing varies depending on the packages. Web Hosting Canada’s Reseller packages offer many features, including a Easy Site Builder with 900+ PRO templates, RAID Disk Space, High Speed Monthly Transfer, a Free Domain Name with certain packages, Multi-site Hosting, $100 of Google Credits, and an Email Marketing Platform. There are many more benefits, and we recommend that you visit to find out more about how you can get started as a reseller host.

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