HostPapa Website Backup

HostPapa Website Backup

If you’re running a website, it would not be a bad idea to consider a backup service. The HostPapa Website Backup service allows you to automatically back up your websites, databases and emails securely in the Cloud. In this article, we go over the reasons why website backup is essential, and take a look at the features and the specifications that HostPapa offers with its website backup solution.

Why Website Backup?

Commercial, government, education and fundraising organizations invest millions of dollars to build and maintain their databases, websites and email systems. For many organizations, these vital systems are the most important means of communicating and transacting business with their customers, constituents, students and donors.

When an organization’s databases, websites or emails are hacked, or go down for any sustained periods of time, they suffer greatly from a variety of negative consequences including:

  • Lost sales or fundraising revenue;
  • The display of defaced and/or inappropriate content due to a hacker;
  • Loss of customer satisfaction, credibility and confidence;
  • Employee productivity loss;
  • Cost to recreate and restore their data and website presence.

The risks of not having a comprehensive backup system are clearly not worth it.

The team at HostPapa created their industry leading website backup solution to protect organizations from any data disaster for just a small annual fee.

HostPapa Website Backup Features


Features of the HostPapa Website Backup solution include:

Automatic Daily Backup – Domain-level, mission critical data including databases, web pages and emails are securely backed up every day. Their premium service backs up all the data including:

  • Website files;
  • MySQL database files;
  • Website images and additional information;
  • Applications and scripts used in the website;
  • Email forwarding and stored emails.

Maximum Threat Protection – Provides a strong security barrier to protect customer data, web transactions, website pages, emails and databases from harmful damage done by hackers and cyber criminals.

Fast Recovery and Restoration – The backup solution makes it easy to recover from lost or corrupted database, email or website files. It stores up to 30 restore points that give the customer the flexibility to recover lost, overwritten or damaged files. The solution is designed to make it easy for a non-technical person to quickly restore their data.

Secure Data Protection – Customer data is securely stored away from the customer’s local computers and file server sites. This protects the customer’s data in the event of a local disaster, and allows them to easily restore their information and continue their operations.

HostPapa Website Backup Specifications

The HostPapa Website Backup solution is not only powerful and secure, but is also very efficient with the use of the customer’s data storage space. The service comes with 1GB of data storage. The solution uses advanced storage processing technology that allows it to perform only incremental daily backups. That means that once the data is backed up for the first time, only changes to the data currently stored are backed up upon subsequent refreshes. This makes the HostPapa Website Backup solution highly efficient with the use of the customer’s storage space. Of course, additional storage can be purchased for a reasonable price anytime.

The HostPapa Website Backup servers are configured with a powerful 448-bit encryption that requires an encrypted password for access to the system. On every scheduled backup, the encryption password is transmitted along with the files, to allow the customer to verify their account.

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Once a customer purchases a HostPapa Website Backup account, a complete backup of all the files related to the account will be completed within 24 hours. With the completion of the initial backup, the system will incrementally backup the data every day. It does it automatically, without the need for any operator intervention.

The HostPapa Website Backup solution is a tremendous value at just $2.99 dollars per month. They have live telephone and chat support offered in multiple languages.

HostPapa uses 100 percent green renewable energy to power their operations.

HostPapa can be reached at or by calling 1-888-959-7272.

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