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Simplifying the Road to M-Commerce Success with DudaMobile


As any web designer who’s been in the business for the past decade knows, there’s more to building a website than a casual familiarity with HTML and CSS. To create a responsive site that’s accessible from any device, you need a layout designed with flexibility in mind. With so many mobile display sizes on the market nowadays, it’s harder than ever to make that happen. There’s also the question of back-end coding, not to mention the problem of syncing desktop sites with their mobile alternatives. Relying on an advanced mobile development tool like DudaMobile can make the process far simpler and hassle-free.

What Is DudaMobile?

Launched in 2009 by Itai Sadan and Amir Glatt, DudaMobile is a mobile development suite that simplifies the creation of mobile-compatible websites. Simply put, DudaMobile is a website builder and conversion tool that allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to deploy rich, responsive mobile websites in minutes. One of the biggest problems that people encounter when crafting a mobile version of their website is ensuring that it looks the same on any tablet or smartphone regardless of make or model. DudaMobile takes the stress out of the equation by giving website designers the power to configure layouts in the most efficient and user-friendly manner possible.

How Does DudaMobile Work?

Create a mobile site with DudaMobile

Getting started with DudaMobile is fairly easy. Simply enter the URL of your existing site and the program will scan its markup. Once the site’s fully parsed, you can then use DudaMobile’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface to stitch together a mobile version that suits your needs perfectly. This ensures that website owners can fine-tune the feel of a site’s UI and deliver the kind of experience that users expect on their mobile machines. The ability to quickly churn out high-performance mobile versions of existing sites with DudaMobile’s development tools ultimately saves SMBs a lot of time and money in the end.

If you don’t already have a website but want to dive into the mobile fray, you can use one of DudaMobile’s helpful templates to design a site from scratch that will render properly on any device. Once a mobile site is configured correctly, DudaMobile’s code for the layout markup ensures that content is seamlessly synced with desktop sites. Best of all, DudaMobile can incorporate mobile-specific elements such as Click-to-Call buttons and touch-enabled maps into any design. As such, the platform is just as much a mobile website builder as it is a straightforward mobile converter. Just like competitor GoMobi, Dudamobile also supports WordPress and Blogger integration, analytics and loads of social media sharing options.

How Much Does DudaMobile Cost?

The most appealing quality of DudaMobile is its affordability. If you’d like to sample mobile web development DudaMobile-style on a trial basis, you can try the service for free. The Basic plan won’t cost a penny and delivers a site with up to 10 pages, support for 500 monthly page views, plenty of plug-ins, community support and free hosting. The paid Premium plan is just $7.20 per month with a year-long contract. If you’re paying month-to-month, it’s a mere $9.00. Either way, Premium gets you an ad-free experience, unlimited pages and page views, premium plug-ins and your own custom mobile URLs.

Who Is DudaMobile Designed For?

For the most part, DudaMobile is targeted at small to medium-sized businesses that need to construct viable mobile websites quickly without spending a fortune on app development. The good news is that for most small businesses, a mobile site rather than a native app is the best route to take. Even designers who aren’t entirely current on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 best practices can use DudaMobile to rapidly prototype and publish mobile sites. In short, anyone that needs an e-commerce or promotional mobile site for any purpose can benefit from DudaMobile’s cutting-edge development capabilities.

What DudaMobile Is Capable Of

During its 4 short years on the web, DudaMobile has been used to create more than 5 million mobile sites. For nearly as long as the modern smartphone has existed, DudaMobile has been putting out responsive, up-to-date sites that are compatible with practically every mobile device on the market. Beyond basic mobile site functionality, DudaMobile has specialized module templates for adding restaurant menus, charts, graphs, review sections and more. Furthermore, it now boasts integration with popular services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, OpenTable and even PayPal, making it one of the most powerful e-commerce and social media enablers anywhere.

Why You Should Be Using DudaMobile


For businesses and organizations of any kind, a mobile web presence is a must. The quality and responsiveness of your mobile websites can have a serious impact on brand reputation, exposure and profits. Regardless of your long-term goals, the ability to quickly and economically spin up mobile sites will be increasingly important in the coming years. DudaMobile allows users to create topnotch mobile sites that are more than the sum of their parts with a minimum of development overhead. Few if any mobile website builders can match DudaMobile’s capabilities in this regard.

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