How to Use OptinMonster’s MonsterLinks for Content Upgrades

optinmonster mascot OptinMonster has many features that help you turn more visitors into email subscribers. One of these features is called MonsterLinks. It generates a link that opens an optin popup when visitors click on it. There are various ways to use MonsterLinks but one of the best ways to use is for content upgrades.

What are Content Upgrades and Why are They So Effective?

A content upgrade is basically a lead magnet that expands on existing content. For example, it could be a blog post series made up of three parts. The initial blog post may consist of the first part and offer the remaining two by opting in. You can also offer a basic product and offer the premium version for visitors that opt in. Another idea is to give away a special report related to the main content.

The point is that the possibilities are endless. By offering various content upgrades on your website and blog, you can increase your email subscriber count drastically. This technique works because you’re adding on more value to content that your visitors are already interested in. Breaking up your content into multiple parts or offering premium versions of your product also motivates visitors into taking action.

How to Set Up MonsterLinks in OptinMonster

To create a MonsterLink, start by clicking on the “Create Campaign” button in the Optin Monster dashboard. Then choose the type of popup and template for the campaign. Continue by naming your campaign and entering the website you want the campaign to run on. Write your copy and design the your optin form to increase the chances of your visitor opting in.

Then click on “Form Action” to create a display page after the visitor has opted in. You want to do this to let the visitor know that they’ve opted in successfully. This is important so that the visitor doesn’t opt in multiple times to the same form. You also want to take this opportunity to explain how your content or download will be delivered to avoid confusion.

Once this is done, you want to click on the Publish tab. Enable the campaign status to “Live” and click on the “Save” button on the top right of the builder. This will enable your campaign. On the same page, go to the “Platform” section and click on the “Shareable MonsterLink” option. A HTML code will be generated. To add the MonsterLink to the desired page, simply copy and paste the link.

That wraps up the tutorial for using MonsterLinks by OptinMonster for content upgrades. One other thing you may want to do is to use a graphical button or attractive image link for the MonsterLink. This will help the content upgrade stand out in your content.

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