What is link building?

Each year, the focus of Search Engine Optimization shifts from one seemingly trivial factor to another. The reality is that the web has always been about making information free and easy to access from a variety of angles. Links are the key to keeping that vision alive. As such, links are crucial if you want a site to be seen by the masses. Here is everything you need to know about link building.

What Is Link Building, Anyway?

As the moniker would imply, link building is simply the process of creating links from one place to another on the web. From an SEO standpoint, link building is all about establishing in-bound links originating from other domains that point at your page or site. The general idea is to create a spider web of links that allow surfers to find and navigate your content easily.

The Benefits of Link Building

Constructing quality links to your site can accomplish a lot in a relatively short amount of time. First off, good inbound links from reputable sources signal to Google et al that your site should rank highly in the SERPs. Furthermore, inbound links can directly lead to sales or conversions depending on your business. Overall, link building is critical to the success of any site.

Effective Tactics worth Pursuing

Long story short, there is no such thing as “too many” incoming links as long as you do it right. You should focus on getting inbound links from sites that are as authoritative and popular as possible. Firing links back at sites or pages that make sense is another good idea. As long as your link building tactics enhance the end-user experience, you are on the right track.

Link Building Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest faux pas that novice link builders commit is trying to go too far too fast. The major search engines want to see organic growth in the quality inbound link department. Make sure that your inbound links are relevant and helpful from the perspective of potential visitors. Choose quality over quantity at all costs and avoid links from spammy or disreputable sources whenever possible.

Modifying Strategies along the Way

Thanks to the constant rejiggering of search algorithms with each passing month, there is no way to predict the perfect way to build links. You need to keep an eye on your position in the SERPs and adjust accordingly. Google Search Console and Google Analytics can help you in the quest for the right inbound link formula. Above all else, quality and relevance always count for something.

Keeping Your Eyes on the Long Game

Great sites and great inbound link networks are never built in a day. They are a long-term project that is more about time and effort than intensity. Analyze what specific links are doing for your SEO health and devise a plan based on those observations. If anyone tells you that a good inbound link infrastructure can be thrown up overnight, they are probably lying and wasting your time.

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