What payment methods are accepted by Web Hosts?

Payment Methods

If this is the first time you are buying Web hosting services, then you may not be aware of the payment methods available to you. There are several different ways to pay, but some aren’t as common as others. Payment is meant to be convenient, and most Web hosts make it as convenient as possible. Two of these methods are very common, but the other two are becoming less common every year because of the popularity of electronic payments.

Paying Web Hosting with Credit Cards

Credit cards are the most common payment method used by Web hosts. The majority of Web hosts accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. There are also some that accept Discover, but that isn’t quite as common.

If you have a credit card, then this is one of the more convenient ways to pay. It is secure, and you can easily setup automated payments to renew your hosting.

Some popular Web hosts that accept Credit Cards include:

Paying Web Hosting with Paypal

Paypal is accepted by a good number of Web hosts, and it is the second most common payment method. This is probably the most convenient because you don’t need to put in any long credit card numbers. You can also setup recurring payments if you want to, and you get the security of making a digital payment.

There are some hosts that don’t accept Paypal, but they are becoming rare.

Some popular Web hosts that accept Paypal include:

Paying Web Hosting with Checks

Checks are not nearly as common as credit cards and Paypal, and you usually have to call the Web host just to see if they will take checks. This is often considered the least convenient method, and it also takes the longest.

Most Web hosts will not host your website until the check clears, and that can take about two weeks. Checks can also be lost, and you often don’t have the same security as you would with an electronic payment.

Some popular Web hosts that accept Checks include:

Paying Web Hosting with Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are currently the least common payment method used by Web hosts. It can be more convenient than sending a check, and it is usually faster. At the same time, recurring payments are hard to setup, and there are very few hosts that accept this payment method.

Some popular Web hosts that accept Wire Transfers include:

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