Why Choose GreenGeeks’ Reseller Hosting?


So, you have a website that needs to be hosted. Well, there’s not much that you need to do. Just look for an appropriate hosting service, choose the hosting option you want, and sign an agreement. But, what if your business involves hosting sites for your customers?

Well, you could go in for a VPS Hosting package and charge your customers a fee. However, there is a cheaper alternative called Reseller Hosting.

What’s that you ask? Reseller hosting is a type of hosting where the owner of the account can reallocate space on their hard drive and bandwidth in order to host third-party sites. In other words, the account owner purchases the original service on a wholesale basis and then, sells them to customers of their own.

The reseller can either rent a dedicated server or resell a shared hosting service offered by the original hosting service provider.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

The reason why reseller hosting exists is that it offers a range of benefits. These include:

  • More savings. Most reseller plans are cost-effective. The low-costs associated with reseller serves as an incentive for prospective resellers. In return, the primary hosting provider gains more customers and that results in consistent revenue while providing more visibility and recognition.
  • The second benefit and probably the most important one is that it allows website owners and resellers to generate income of their own. Site owners who already host their website using the primary hosting service provider’s reseller plan can use the separately allocated space and bandwidth to host another site and generate extra income.

Speaking of reseller hosting, GreenGeeks offers a great reseller option. Here’s why.

You get all the web hosting features you need

Resellers who sign up with GreenGeeks benefit by having access to all the same hosting features that typically come with shared hosting plans. This includes PHP, MySQL Databases, and E-Mail accounts. You will also have the freedom to determine which of the features are accessible to your own customers.

There’s even a Hosting Plan Control System to help you with that.

You get White Label Hosting

GreenGeeks offers a 100% white label reseller hosting service. You can brand your website as you like and even use private names for your servers. In other words, GreenGeeks remains anonymous and contributes from behind the curtains.

Migrate for free!

Are you already signed up with another hosting service? No problem. GreenGeeks will help you shift for free. Not only will this be done at no extra cost, you can also be sure that it will be done with a focus on accuracy and safety.

You get a free billing system for convenience

You can also enjoy the convenience of having a billing system that allows you to automate the management of functions such as helpdesk services, invoicing, and provisioning. The application is called ClientExec and costs about $12 a month; but, with GreenGeeks’ Reseller Hosting Service, you get it for free.

You get a free Website Builder

You and your customers will have access to the RV Site Builder for free so that you or your customers can build a website that meets your respective needs. The builder even offers 500 templates.

To know more about why GreenGeeks’ Reseller Hosting plans are the best, please visit GreenGeeks.com.

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