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How to Automatically Update WordPress Themes and Plugins

One of the best features released by WordPress recently has been automatic updates. Introduced in version 3.7, WordPress can now install minor and major updates without the user even realizing. No action is required (other than the opening of an email providing confirmation of the latest installation) and the feature provides a much smoother experience […]

How to Set a Custom Logo in Drupal 8

If you are looking to customize your Drupal website and create a theme that is suited to your website, there are certain individual changes that you will want to make, one of which is installing your own logo in the header. In this tutorial, we will show you how to do just that – starting […]

How to Embed Vine Videos on WordPress

Vine is the hottest social video site of the moment and its six-second clips can be seen all over Facebook and Twitter. As a WordPress blogger, Vine clips are a great way to increase traffic and engage with your visitors, especially if your blog is optimised for mobile. In this week’s tutorial, we will show […]

How to Add Social Share Buttons to Joomla!

Given the influence of social media as a marketing and promotional tool, it is becoming almost impossible to run a successful website or blog without integration to sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. People that read your content are keen to share it with others across social media, increasing exposure and generating traffic to […]

How to Add Your Website to Google?

For years, Google has been the leader in search engine technology and has dominated the industry like no other company. While Bing and a few lesser-known rivals are making inroads, search remains the domain of Google. As a result, anyone that hosts a website is naturally interested in doing well in Google’s search results. Here […]