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If you want to create a website, you need a host to store your website files and serve them to every visitor. There are plenty of website hosts around, but they’re not all the same. HostPapa offers Linux web hosting, and once you learn about their perks, you may find that it is a good fit for you.

Windows vs Linux Web Hosting

First-time site owners may wonder whether it matters if the server that hosts their website runs on the same operating system as their personal computer. Windows users can rest assured that it doesn’t make a difference. Most web servers use Linux, which is secure and robust enough for serving up websites even when multiple accounts are on the same server. The only time it may matter is if an experience designer wants to use a technology that may only be supported by one operating system.

HostPapa Linux Web Hosting Plans

There are other choices that matter, even to a novice website owner. HostPapa, like many website hosts, offers different plans. As plans offer more resources, they increase in price. For example, the Starter plan is ideal for someone who needs only one or two websites and will not need a lot of space. However, someone who has more than two websites may prefer the Business plan, which allows unlimited websites. Business Pro offers similar functionality with additional security and performance features, ensuring that the website performs optimally no matter how many visitors use it. The addition of domain privacy, which prevents people from seeing the contact information when they perform a search about the domain, is another perk at this level. All of these hosting plans include free domain registration as well as a website builder.

HostPapa Linux Web Hosting Add Ons

In addition to each of these plans, customers can select add-ons such as SSL certificates, which are necessary for online retailers and other websites to protect the sensitive information (such as credit card information) of the visitors. Another add-on is the automatic backup, which ensures that site owners can never lose website data no matter what happens.

HostPapa Linux Web Hosting Cost

Consumers can save money when purchasing a hosting plan from HostPapa by signing up for a long-term plan. A 3-year plan offers the most cost savings; however, customers may prefer the more expensive 12-month plan if they are not sure about their needs.

HostPapa Other Services

HostPapa offers other services, including WordPress hosting for blogs and websites, reseller hosting, and virtual private servers. Additionally, customers can purchase domains through HostPapa, host their office software suite or email, or have HostPapa do the heavy lifting of building a website for them, all for an additional fee. Users can also rely on HostPapa’s website migration to make moving from another host easier.

One final element that sets HostPapa apart from other hosting companies is their commitment to being a green web hosting company. By investing in green energy certificates equal to how much energy their servers use, the hosting company offsets the energy use of their facilities to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

HostPapa aims to offer good services to its clients without breaking the bank or sacrificing the environment. Few other companies can make that promise.

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