5 Reasons Why You Should Set Up Your Own Blog on GreenGeeks

Today there are many platforms that make it easy for you to start your own blogs. You can quickly go on Blogger, Medium, and Tumblr to set up a free blog. However, it’s always a better idea to set up a blog on your own website as opposed to these posting on these platforms. There are many CMS platforms you can install on your own site such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla that is backed by a many themes, plugins, and other add-ons.


Meanwhile, web hosts like GreenGeeks makes it easy to set up your own blog with one-click installs of the above CMS.

Now you may be wondering why it’s better to host a blog on your own website. Here are several reasons why:

Reason #1: You Have Total Control Over Your Site

While it may be more convenient to blog on the company’s platform, you have to understand that the free blogging platforms are run by strict rules. If somebody comes across what they think or feel is offensive content, you may get your blog taken down. In many cases, there is no appeal process and your content is lost forever if you haven’t taken the steps to back it up. You also never know if there will be any errors or crashes that result in the deletion of your page, so it’s better to set up a blog on your own website.

Reason #2: You Get to Create Your Own Brand

If your blog does start taking off, you want to ensure that the brand equity is associated to your domain name. People will start typing in the name of your brand or blog name in the search engines once you build a sizeable audience and generate buzz with your content. That’s something you don’t want to give away to another company. It’s also more professional to have a blog on your own website. If you’re trying to generate customers, you need to establish credibility and authority. You want to show them that you’ve taken the steps to properly establish your own website instead of using a free platform.

Reason #3: You Get to Keep the SEO Benefits

By publishing outstanding content on your blog, you’ll naturally build incoming links to your website over time. These incoming links translate to higher rankings in the search engines. Even if you manage to do okay ranking with your free blogging page, it doesn’t make sense to have to do SEO for two separate sites. By setting up a successful blog on your main website, the SEO benefits carry over to your main pages, sales pages, product pages, and other important pages because they are all on the same domain.

Reason #4: There Are More Design and Development Options


As mentioned earlier, popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla are backed by a community of enthusiasts. The companies also have community websites that are full of themes, templates, plugins, add-ons, and scripts. The forums are also filled with people helping other users and contributing their own work to the community. This gives you a huge resource you can tap into to design and install your WordPress site on GreenGeeks for example. Free blogging platforms are very limiting. They only offer a few templates and add-ons. They are also not supported by a big community.

Reason #5: It’s Easier to Run Your Blog on Your Own Website

Again, using popular CMS platforms give you access to a vast amount of resources. These resources also help you run your blog. You can use it to schedule your blog posts, send you alerts when people leave comments, prevent spam comments, observe your blog’s analytics data, and so much more. Moreover, your web host, GreenGeeks for instance, provides additional tools to help you optimize your blog. Many of these tools are not available on free blogging sites because there aren’t many plugins, add-ons, and scripts made to be compatible with them.

Those are the core reasons why you want to set up a blog on your own website instead of relying on a free blogging platform. Yes, it’s easier to set up a blog using the free platforms, but there are so many limitations that come with using these platforms. If you’re serious about using a blog to grow your business, setting up your own blog is a no-brainer.

Set-up your own blog on GreenGeeks today!

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