Paying for Web Hosting with PayPal


If you have never heard of it by now, PayPal allows you to create a safe and secure virtual wallet that you can use to pay for your website hosting. By registering for an account with an email address, you can access features that make it easier to pay for products and services online quicker and simpler without having to worry about online fraud as much as you would with other methods of payment such as credit cards.

How to put money into your PayPal account

To pay for stuff online with your PayPal account, it must have money in it. To fund your account it can be linked to your bank account or to one or more of your credit cards. Payments with Paypal can also be scheduled to be automatically made by using the pre-approved payments feature, or you can opt to simply manually pay each transaction by logging into your account to make the payment.

How to pay your web hosting with PayPal

When paying your web hosting plan, a one-time payment can be made by choosing to pay with PayPal. You will then be redirected to the PayPal website and asked to log in. Once this is done, you will be presented with the total amount to be paid. You can choose to pay with your PayPal funds or another form of payment compatible with PayPal like one of your credit card.

Recurring payments to a web host can be made in a similar way, except that the amount and billing cycle will be displayed on the payment confirmation page. If you want to view recurring payments and subscriptions that you have agreed to for your account, you can do so by logging into PayPal and clicking on “My preapproved payments” under “My Money” located under “Profile”.

List of recommended Web Hosting Sites that accept Paypal

In the table below, we have listed a number of recommended web hosts that accept Paypal as a payment method. You’ll be able to use the one-time or recurring payment options to pay for your web hosting package with any of the recommended web hosting sites below:

Rank Host Cost/month Location Review
1 $3.95 Montreal Review
2 $3.95 Toronto Review
3 $3.95 Toronto Review
4 $4.99 United States Review
5 $14.95 United States Review
6 $3.96 United States Review
7 $3.67 United States Review
8 $4.24 United States Review

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