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Rank Host Cost/month Location Review
Number One $3.89 Montreal Review
Number Two $2.95 Toronto Review
Number Three $3.95 Toronto Review
4 $4.99 United States Review
5 $14.95 United States Review
6 $4.99 Montreal Review
7 $3.96 United States Review
8 $6.95 United States Review
9 $3.67 United States Review
10 $4.24 United States Review

Shopify Review – Create an e-commerce site with

An Introduction to Shopify for E-Commerce Newcomers – When setting up a new e-commerce website and its accompanying shopping cart, consumers have a lot of choices in terms of software. Online shopping carts have become so complicated that rolling your own solution is rarely a viable option, even for experienced web developers. Nowadays, e-commerce solutions […]

HostPapa Linux Web Hosting

If you want to create a website, you need a host to store your website files and serve them to every visitor. There are plenty of website hosts around, but they’re not all the same. HostPapa offers Linux web hosting, and once you learn about their perks, you may find that it is a good […]

Web Hosting Canada Cloud Servers Review

Web Hosting Canada ( is one of Canada’s most well known and reliable web hosting companies. Based in MontrĂ©al, the company has been going strong since 2003. They are one of only a small number of providers with servers on both coasts, making WHC-powered sites pretty fast regardless of where in the country they are […]


There are currently more than 1 million small businesses in Canada employing hundreds of millions of people. In fact, small businesses of up to 99 employees make up 98% of the country’s workforce. Many of these small businesses are individual ventures operated by freelancers. These kinds of businesses need all the help they can get, […]

HostUtopia Review

Every year, dozens of new web hosting companies go into business working as resellers of larger providers. HostUtopia is not one of them. HostUtopia was established in 1996 as one of the earliest providers of web hosting services in Canada. At the time, Vancouver was their focus. They eventually acquired Vancouver’s Ace of Space in […]

MyHosting VPS Review

You can’t always know exactly what you’ll get when you sign up with a particular web host. Some inexpensive shared hosts are excellent while some expensive dedicated hosts are terrible. Many consumers shoot for the middle of the curve by opting for a Virtual Private Server. We recently talked about the excellent Astral Internet VPS, […]